Completed Tasks

Commercial and industrial development in West Indianapolis provides residents with quality goods, services and jobs and residents support the community aspirations to be a desirable area in which to live, be employed, and locate a business.

Action Items

Action items for this area of the West Indianapolis Quality-of-Life Plan are listed below. Click on any action item to expand the table and review our progress; click the title again to close the table.





Key to item status:

Completed      Ongoing      Pending      Deleted

3.1 Facilitate health and growth of local businesses through engagement and support


Lead Organization: West Indianapolis Development Corporation (WIDC)
Partner Organization
Action Step Status Description Comments 2010 Year-End Update
3.1.1 Maintain communication with local industries through CAP and NIC CAP engagement activities continue – 4 neighborhood focused projects: Key Learning Grounds Clean-up, Great Indpls Clean-up, Mary Rigg Meal Service, WI Holiday Tree Lighting.
3.1.4 Assemble businesses at least semi-annually to assess needs, desires, concerns – consider bringing in relevant expert speakers to attract participants Local businessess participated in “public input” session for Morris Street Corridior TEA application. Follow-up meeting planned when completed


Performance Measures:

  • No. of businesses assisted
  • No. businesses participating in discussions

3.2 Attract new businesses to West Indianapolis


Facilitating Organization  West Indianapolis Development Corporation 
 Partner Organization
Action Step Status Description Comments 2010 Year- End Update 2011 Year-End Update
3.2.1 Acquire strategic sites for future development of retail uses Need Focus Coordinator After public input on zoning petition – Family Dollar to locate in 2011
3.2.2 Market vacant and underutilized properties Need Focus Coordinator Interest expressed in one of Harding Street sites- offer to be received in January. Milhaus confirms railroad property essential but project marketable.
3.2.3 Update market profile of the community and other marketing materials West Indianapolis webiste development funded and underway
3.2.4 Develop communications/PR/promotions effort to get good stories about West Indianapolis into the press beyond the neighborhood in order to attract potential homebuyers, businesses, and customers West Indianapolis webiste development funded and underway
3.2.5  Family Dollar
  1. Neighborhood meeting with attorney and developer to determine site plan and neighborhood requests.
  2. Site development underway. Extensive demolistion completed. Grand opening November, 19, 2011


Performance Measures:

  • No. of new businesses
  • Amount of positive press
  • Completion of Harding Street plan

3.3 Capitalize on redevelopment site opportunities and promote available tools

Facilitating Organization West Indianapolis Development Corporation
Partner Organization


Action Step Status Description Comments 2010 Year- End Update
3.3.1 Maintain communication with City and realtors regarding TIFs for Blue Lake and Kentucky triangle TIF mentioned to City and Blue Lake puchaser – no follow-up from either
3.3.2 Use relationships with industry/CAP to lobby to City City View project will have unexpected benefit of making Harding TIF funds available in the future
3.3.3 Use industry partnerships to assist with recruiting representatives from railroad industry into planning for redevelopment in the neighborhood Property sold, new developer will pursue if they are interested Still looking at RR owner of Harding Street property – Lilly says they don’t own.


Performance Measures:

  • No. of projects utilizing tools