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West Indianapolis is known for its attractive physical appearance, gateways on Morris Street, and greenway connections to the Indianapolis Zoo that provide connections between blocks of stable housing with good infrastructure, accessible recreational opportunities, and integrated land use where residential, commercial, and industrial uses co-exist to the benefit of all

 Action Items

Action items for this area of the West Indianapolis Quality-of-Life Plan are listed below. Click on any action item to expand the table and review our progress; click the title again to close the table.

Key to item status:

Completed      Ongoing      Pending      Deleted

4.1 Monitor and address air quality concerns

Lead Organization West Indianapolis |evelopment Corporation
Partner Organizatons


Action Step Status Description Comments 2010 Year-end
4.1.1 Provide updates on IDEM air quality plan and develop action plan to disseminate final results of study in the neighborhood IDEM completed and published results in Feb 2010
4.1.3 Consider SWHC role in health monitoring re: air quality (and potentially to identify new sources of funding that could go toward solutions, e.g., tree planting) SWHC particpating in Air Quality Community Meetings.  On hold pending final report from IDEM. Will address 1st quarter 2010.New SWHC should cpen in summer of 2010.

Performance Measures:

  • No. of trees planted
  • Completion of community plan

4.2 Provide a high quality, high amenity public environment

Lead Organization
Partner Organizatons
Action Step Status Description Comments 2010 Year End
4.2.6 Monitor development strategy for Blue Lake and Warman Chrysler land WIDC No sign of progress on Blue Lake property beyound purchase and initial site fill
4.2.8 Convene discussions with IndyGo on current and desired routes and schedule No one to take lead – could possibily be “resurrected” with new mass transit initiative
4.2.9 Promote and celebrate tree planting in Rhodius Park WINC Completed in 2009 during L DofS.

No. of improvment projects completed

4.3 Improve housing conditions

Lead Organization West Indianapolis Development Corporation
Partner Organizatons
Action Step Status Description Comments 2010 Year End 2010 Year End
4.3.1 Raise awareness of available housing programs to increase home ownership and housing stabilization WIDC Programs promoted through Community News, website and school resource rooms – Amended in 2011 under 4.3.9
4.3.3 Review and revise current neighborhood conprehensive plan to ensure appropriate development  WIDC Reconnected with city planning and we are working with them to complete final changes. Initial presentation completed to board at luncheon on Dec 7th. Final hearing on December 21.  Plan adopted.
4.3.4 Educate residents on nuisance abatement procedures and processes  Move to deleted
4.3.5 Market West Indianapolis homeownership to WIDC renters DPA program now funded through INHP only – future homeownership promotion will be limited
4.3.6 Host homeowner management/repair seminars to prepare for and help residents move into/maintain homeownership Good idea at the time, no forwarded movement, no one who has stepped up to lead & or develop.  Probably needs to be deleted.
4.3.7 Utilize Lilly (and other business partners) volunteers and training to assist with homeowner repairs and neighborhood improvement projects Matching site and volunteer timing still difficult but continue to look at each situation. Move to delete
4.3.9 Identify areas in which to conduct concentrated code enforcement by connecting efforts to redevelopment strategies Good idea at the time – not able to implement
4.3.10 Apply greater pressure at Health and Hospital utilizing Fire Dept. and CAP Good idea at the time – not able to implement
4.3.11 Develop a comprehensive housing investment plan to steer neighborhood development WIDC HOME program changes will result in “targeted” acq/rehab and less flexibilitly in project selection

Performance Measures:

  • No. of persons using available programs
  • No. of houses renovated or repaired

4.4 Promote neighborhood involvement in creating a safer neighborhood

Lead Organization West Indianapolis Neighborhood Congress
Partner Organizatons
Action Step Status Description Comments 2010 Year End
4.4.1 Promote and implement existing programs that encourage anti- crime activities, safer neighborhoods, and beautification to improve neighborhood image and appearance. WINC sponsored Night Out Against Crime and presented the first annual “Good Neighbor” award to 2 men who helped avert a purse snatching.  WINC supports & promotes KIB Adopt A Block program
4.4.2 Communicate/facilitate distribution of real facts regarding crime IMPD provides current crime stats at WINC meeting or upon email request
4.4.3 Promote formation of additional Crime Watch groups IMPD Crime Watch coordinator attended Community Day.  Several neighbors showed an interest in starting block clubs.  WINC spionsored Night Out Against Crime – August 3.

Performance Measures:

  • No. of Crime Watch groups
  • No. of projects implemented

4.5 Plan for long-term development opportunities resulting from downtown activity, industry vacancies, and other projects

Lead Organization West Indianapolis Development Corporation
Partner Organizatons
Action Step Status Description Comments 2010 Year End
4.5.1 Prepare renewal/reinvestment plan and land use study for the Valley including the GM plant site Asking and encouraging City Planning to look at 2010 plan or include in the new WI comprehensive plan.
4.5.2 Engage community with INDOT/City plans for 2012 and 2022 plans for I-70 WIDC Nothing in city plan for this construction
4.5.4 Engage community with City on reuse of Chrysler property WIDC Pic-A-Part zoning petition for foundry site moving forward with staff and neighborhood support

Performance Measures:

  • Completion of plans